Pictures: Silly Socialists Still Think They Matter, as They Stage Protest Outside Conservative Central Office


LONDON, England: Clearly dissatisfied with the outcome of Thursday’s general election, a group of radical leftists picketed Conservative Central Office this afternoon, questioning the legitimacy of David Cameron’s increased majority.

Around 200 of the 28,000 invited via Facebook turned up, self describing as “anti-austerity/f*ck the Tories” activists. One protestor told Breitbart London that the demonstration had been arranged on the night of the election. Participants included London Black Revolutionaries and the Socialist Workers Party.

A heavy police presence was visible but the lacklustre protest had fizzled out within 20 minutes.


A group of Socialist Worker supporters join the march on Matthew Parker Street, home of CCHQ and only a stones throw away from the Houses of Parliament and 10 Downing street



Some struggled with the fundamental workings of the FPTP system, and parliamentary majorities


The group has even put together a ‘Anti-Tory Manifesto’ for its acolytes to follow, encouraging a campaign of intimidation and discrimination against Conservatives. Taken from their facebook page, the 16-point plan reads:

1. If you see a Tory, pin a rosette on them so we know who to kick in the street.
2. Never shake hands with a Tory.
3. Never buy or accept a drink from a Tory.
4. If one of your friends is a Tory, de-friend them and encourage your other friends to do the same.
5. If you meet a Tory in public, name and shame them.
6. If you know a Tory at work, start a campaign to get them fired from their job.
7. If your boss or teacher is a Tory, expose them to your colleagues and demand they leave their post on the grounds of moral incompetence.
8. Refuse to work for a Tory or, if that jeopardises your livelihood, sabotage the benefits they gain from your work (piss in their soup, overcharge them at the checkout, poor [sic] sugar in their petrol tank, sow salt on their garden, saw through supporting structures, etc.)
9. Never ever show respect for the property of a Tory . . .
10. Don’t engage with Tory trolls on social media. If they don’t understand the fundamental obscenity of their beliefs you’re wasting your time.
11. Stop reading or watching Tory-backed media and entertainment that depicts the working classes as competing monkeys obsessed with celebrity and fame.
12. The 24% of the electorate that voted Tory are our Enemy. They support a minority government that is waging a violent economic and ideological War against us, and we must fight back!
13. The wealthiest 20% of our population is 10 times richer than the poorest 20%. It is they, along with the class traitors (cops, city boys, estate agents, etc), that make up the Tory electorate.
14. Exacerbate, at every opportunity, the opposition between Them and Us.
15. Scratch a Liberal and they’ll bleed Tory (see the comments below).
16. This is Civil War.

Presumably forcing someone out of their lawful employment for being a member of the Conservative party could generate some interesting court cases. Should it happen, Breitbart London will be there to bring you all the gory details…


A number of children were co-opted into the protest



Hopefully the younger members of the group aren’t going to be forced into taking part in this battle plan


After moving on from Westminster, Breitbart London witnessed the group reconverging on the Charing Cross road. It is unclear whether it was the proliferation of antique book dealers or play houses that brought them there… watch this space.