Trans Jenner: BBC Host Targeted for ‘He/She’ Comments on Radio 4


Twitter’s transgender police were out in force this morning after the BBC’s James Naughtie referred to Bruce Jenner as “he” and “he/she” on the flagship Radio 4 Today programme.

Speaking to a colleague from the ‘BBC Trending’ website, which Naughtie also managed to mock, the host repeatedly referred to Jenner as “he” – prompting criticism from left-wing journalists and political activists who called Naughtie “condescending” and “like visiting your granddad at Christmas”.

About halfway through the interview, Naughtie switched from “he” to “she” before landing on “he/she”. Bruce Jenner is not yet believed to have had ‘the chop’. Expect a “full apology” from the BBC, shortly.

Some of the best ‘outrage’ from Twitter can be found below:

Is Naughtie wrong?