WATCH: Labour Leader Corbyn Blanks Reporters In Excruciating Video

The new leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has appeared in an “excruciating” video refusing to answer questions from the media for three minutes.

Sky News reporter Darren McCaffrey walks alongside Corbyn, asking him repeatedly why there are so few women in his top team.

McCaffrey asks the leader of Britain’s main opposition party: “How do you face the criticism that there simply are not enough women in senior positions in the shadow cabinet?” to which he responds by telling his aide: “These people are bothering me”.

He asks Corbyn why he refuses to talk to the media, to which the Labour leader remains silent.

Corbyn had never previously held any senior political role before he was elected to lead Britain’s Labour Party this week. The election saw fears of hard-left infiltration as thousands signed up to vote for the hard line candidate.

The new leader is now in the process of selecting his Shadow Cabinet, with John McDonnell’s appointment as Shadow Chancellor being one of the most controversial choices. McDonnell has been condemned for praising the “bombs and bullets” of terrorist group the IRA, which he claims brought about peace in Northern Ireland.

Other appointments include defeated leadership rival Andy Burnham as Shadow Home Secretary, Hilary Benn as Shadow Foreign Secretary, Lord Falconer and Shadow Justice Secretary, and Diane Abbott as Shadow Secretary of State for International Development.