To Infinity And Beyond: Buzz Lightyear Wins Right To Have His New ‘Real Name’ On Driving Licence

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Buzz Lightyear

A man officially named Buzz Lightyear has won a year long battle with authorities to have his new name included on his driving licence.

Mr. Lightyear, formerly Sam Stephens, changed his name by deed poll last year by signing the relevant documents on the finishing line of a charity marathon.

He also got a picture of the fictional character, a space-traveling figurine from the Disney ‘Toy Story’ films, tattooed on his leg.

However when the 26-year-old from Devon, UK tried to change his name on his driving licence, he was told it could not be done.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) initially said that a “range of evidence” was needed otherwise they could be brought into “disrepute” by pranks – before giving in more than twelve months later.

The spokesman said: “We recognise people may choose to change their name for many reasons. The driving licence is an important official document which is used both here and abroad.

“That is why we look for a range of evidence to support the application before we update our records.”

“I changed my name this time last year in April and at first the DVLA refused a driving licence,” Mr. Lightyear, who works as an assistant manager for an electrical wholesaler, told PA.

Explaining: “It has taken a year but two weeks ago they issued a driving licence in my name.

“I have been driving with my other licence but it has been hard doing official things because I haven’t had photo ID.

“My bank and banking details are saved as Buzz so that was causing problems.”

“I had two appeal letters turned down and no-one was listening to me so it feels like a victory for me for taking on this big company.

“The official reason given by the DVLA was that because it was a fictional character it would bring the company into disrepute if I went abroad.

“I said it wasn’t their decision, it is my name by deed poll – it is not up to them to accept or reject that.

“There are plenty of Harry Potters in the world so they had no right to tell me I couldn’t have a driving licence in this name.”