Own Goal By Pro-EU ‘In Facts’ Propaganda Team

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We have heard many scare stories over recent months from those who want the UK to remain in the European Union (EU). None of them rely on facts, they merely peddle fiction. This is quite surprising, as one would imagine the Remainers would want to stay in the EU for a specific reason based on logic. But no. Time and time again we hear ‘project fear’ over the loudspeaker.

The reason they support the EU has absolutely nothing to do with the EU itself or the consequences of leaving it. Their reasons for remaining in are entirely personal. They either have a personal interest (hands in the EU money jar) or they are scared of change.

A supporter of the EU in almost all situations has no confidence or charisma whatsoever. To complete the caricature, imagine a Guardian-reading, socks-with-sandals wearing, vegetarian, cyclist, university lecturer complete with a beige suit (Editor’s note: And no tie, obviously).

This is a very accurate description of the entire team at InFacts. They claim to be independent, making a fact-based case for Britain to remain in the EU. Well they could have fooled us. Absolutely nothing on their website is factual; it’s opinion – just as this piece – is just ‘an opinion’ not fact.

This renders the name of the website a misnomer – an achievement in itself. The problem with InFacts is its attempt to elevate itself to superiority by calling its opinion ‘fact’. We just hope nobody is convinced by this.

InFacts pumps out story after story explaining how great the EU is – never delivering any criticism. If one reads InFacts believing it is purely factual, you would be convinced the EU is a utopia, delivering the world from evil, and its collapse would result in the explosion of the sun. 

Where are the facts on all the negative things the EU does? Where are the facts about the removal of democratically elected Prime Ministers in Greece and Italy? Where are the facts about Jean-Claude Juncker encouraging companies to avoid tax? They don’t publish this information; they only publish their EU-love story, ignoring the facts and manipulating the truth.

Recently, InFacts produced an article criticising the Leave campaigns for claiming the Premier League (football) would continue to be great outside the EU once Brexit occurs. InFacts clearly believes the Leave campaigns needs to be challenged on this with some ‘facts’. Unfortunately, they forgot to mention the ‘facts’ relating to why the Leave campaigns needed to release a statement on this subject in the first place. It was the Remain campaign’s claims about 100 Premier League footballers being forced to leave the UK after Brexit. This is certainly not fact.

On the point of footballers being sent back to their country of origin once we leave the EU – this would be illegal under international law. Not a single footballer will be kicked out of the country. For the benefit of InFacts, this is covered under Article 70(1)(b) of the Vienna Convention 1969. Now this is a fact.

In relation to footballers attempting to come to this country after we have left the EU, they would also not be refused as InFacts suggests. Currently we have a highly discriminatory immigration system, which is grossly unfair to footballers from outside the EU.

If you come from the EU you are allowed into the UK, apart from in exceptional circumstances – ‘no questions asked’. If you are a footballer from outside the EU you must pass a very strict test. This is discrimination, pure and simple. It is also illogical, as football clubs don’t care which country a player comes from, only whether he is good enough to play for their team. 

The reason we have such a strict test for non-EU footballers is because of the ‘open door policy’ we have for those from EU countries. After Brexit we will be able to consider footballers from around the world in the same way as those coming from the EU, ensuring those who are good enough can come and play in our Premier League.  

After Brexit we can cast off archaic rules about footballers playing for Drawa in the Polish 3rd Division being able to play in the UK, at the expense of an up-and-coming talent playing for Bocca Juniors in the Argentinian Primera Division.

As former England captain Sol Campbell says: “making the changes we need means taking back control of the game we love. That is why I am supporting the Vote Leave campaign for Britain to withdraw from the European Union.”

Once we vote to Get Britain Out, the Premier League will continue to be a world leader and InFacts will fold up shop – something we can all celebrate. FACT!

Matthew Ellery is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out