Nine Illegal Migrants Found In Lorry In Kent


Nine migrants have been caught in a bid to sneak into the UK in the back of a commercial lorry in Kent.

The group of nine migrants were caught Monday evening as they travelled in the back of a commercial lorry on the A256 in Sandwich, Kent. Kent Police announced the arrest of the migrants and say that all nine have been handed over to the Home Office.

According to a Kent Police spokesman: “Police were called at 5:18pm on Monday 13 June following reports of suspected migrants in the back of a lorry,” adding that “nine people were handed over to the Home Office Immigration Enforcement,” The Express reports. Police also said that the driver of the lorry was not thought to be complicit in the smuggling and has not been arrested.

It is unknown at present where the migrants embarked, or the identities of the migrants. Most illegal migrants who attempt to enter the United Kingdom stay at the notorious Calais Jungle migrant camp waiting for the opportunity to sneak on to lorries or ferries.  Left-wing no borders activists and people smugglers encourage migrants to break down fences along motorways, slow down traffic and try and smuggle themselves aboard lorries.

Last year such scenes were famously documented by a Hungarian lorry driver who uploaded a video to social media showing migrants running out in front of his lorry, throwing bottles, rocks and other projectiles as he passed them.  The Hungarian eventually lost his temper with the migrants calling them “c**ksuckers” and tried more than once to knock them off the road. The shocking scenes were thought more to resemble a war-zone than a busy, Western port of trade.

Earlier this month, several Albanian migrants were caught trying to enter the UK illegally. The Albanians attempted to use a rubber dinghy to evade border security. The 18 migrants washed up on the shores of Dover after they had made the journey from nearby Calais.

Five of the group requested asylum, leading UKIP leader Nigel Farage to warn: “If we don’t make sure all 18 are deported we will have drownings and bodies washing up on Kent beaches all summer.”

Former Special Branch officer Chris Hobbs claims that the UK is currently “woefully unprepared” for a wave of mass migration from Europe. Mr. Hobbs said that the Albanian migrant incident only proved the vulnerabilities of the coastal border and that the UK was playing “catch up” in regards to securing the maritime border.

He said: “It isn’t just a question of people-smuggling. This is also a question of firearms, a question of drugs; we have been woefully unprepared.”