Labour MP Slammed For Blaming Jo Cox Death On Brexit

Tributes Paid To Murdered Labour MP Jo Cox
Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Labour politicians and left wing media pundits have been attracting widespread criticism from the public for seeking to link the murder of fellow Labour MP Jo Cox to the Brexit campaign.

Neil Coyle, the MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, provoked an outcry on Twitter when, during a tribute to Ms. Cox on Newsnight, he alluded to the Leave campaign and the referendum on European Union (EU) membership.

“I think that the kind of nonsense that they inspire online from anonymous accounts, and actually the core content of the poster they launched today, look at what they are putting out and I just think that they are very dangerous, and they risk inspiring extremist elements on the hard right in this country,” he told the programme’s presenter.

But viewers called his comments “low” and “opportunist,” saying he should be “ashamed”.

Others reacted angrily to his tweets on the subject this morning, telling him to “keep his mouth shut”.

But the majority of the opprobrium was reserved for Maria Eagle, one of the first to broadcast reports that the killer had shouted “Britain First” during the attack – a detail now denied by witnesses to the attack. Sky News appears to have reported the claim in its coverage thanks to Eagle’s tweet, which was later deleted.

Twitter users called for Ms. Eagle to be sacked, telling the MP “shame on you”.

Also in the firing line was LBC presenter James O’Brien, who used his show this morning to embark on an anti-UKIP, anti-Brexit rant, apparently inspired by Mrs. Cox’s death. The rant has been applauded by the Independent and liberal blog Political Scrapbook, but panned by the public who have called for his sacking.

As Breitbart London has reported, these figures are just a taste of ‘Project Grief’ – the shameless exploitation of Mrs. Cox’s tragic and untimely death by Remain supporters world-wide.

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