Song On Palestinian Radio: ‘Blow Up The Executor’s Innards,’ ‘Write In Dripping Blood’

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JERUSALEM – Israel closed the offices of a Palestinian radio station because of its ongoing incitement to murder Israelis, including airing songs with lyrics that include “blow up the executor’s innards” and “rise and strap yourself with bombs.”

The Israel Defense Forces closed down the Hebron-based radio station on Sunday, the third Palestinian broadcast facility to be shut down by the army in the past month.

And Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) documented exactly why the station was shut down. It reported the station, which is located in an area where many terrorist attacks have taken place, had an agenda that promoted murder and suicide bombing.

The following is an example of a Radio Hebron announcer’s introduction to a song that glorifies martyrdom through bombing:

Radio announcer: “[Hebron] sacrificed a Martyr several days ago in the popular uprising, and now it sacrifices another Martyr, according to initial reports.”

Song: “Blow up the executor’s innards, bring back the period of Martyrdom-seeking (Istish’had, i.e., suicide bombings), rise and strap yourself with bombs”

In another instance, the announcer informs listeners that “Two more Martyrs (Shahids) today are watering the soil of the Hebron district with their blood.” The song that follows includes the lyrics, “Write in dripping blood: death to Israel! Write in dripping blood: death to Israel!”

Another song that the station favored calls for Palestinians to “load [their] machine guns and advance… to capture the soldiers, open fire, have no mercy, shoot the Zionists.”


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