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‘Enough Lies’: IDF Reservists Counter Anti-Israel Event at EU

TEL AVIV – A delegation of IDF reservists last week visited Brussels to deliver testimonies about the Israeli military — and in particular its humanity on the battlefield — to the European Union parliament in a bid to counter an anti-Israel event taking place the same day with far-left Israeli group Breaking the Silence.

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Violence In Israel Puts A Damper On Easter Tourism Season

USA Today reports: JERUSALEM  — Nearly six months of non-stop Palestinian attacks are dampening prospects for an Easter tourism season that normally provides this historic region a big economic boost. Israel’s $10-billion-a-year tourism industry never fully recovered from the war with Hamas in the summer

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WATCH: Michigan Woman – ‘Stabbing Jews is Permitted, They’re Animals’

TEL AVIV – A Michigan woman posted a video on YouTube defending Palestinian stabbing attacks against Jews and compared Jews to animals. In the Arabic-language video (watch it here) translated by MEMRI and titled “Is stabbing Jews haram [forbidden]?”, pro-Palestinian activist Lina Allan blasts Muslims who say that stabbing is “haram,” or forbidden under Islamic law, and tells such Muslims to “go back to watching Turkish soap operas.”

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Israeli Minister: ‘Palestinians Should go to Jordan’

Israel’s Welfare Minister says Palestinians “should go to Jordan, they don’t want peace and they manipulate our weakness,” Israeli website Arutz 7 reported. On Saturday, Chaim Katz (Likud) made the following comments about the two state solution: “The land of Israel

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Israeli Broadcaster Says Palestinians Bust West Bank Bomber Cell

Israel’s national broadcaster on Tuesday said Palestinian authorities had prevented a bomb attack on Israeli troops in the occupied West Bank, a report suggesting the strength of security ties despite public feuding over a two-month wave of unrest. Israel Radio

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West Bank Gunman Fires On Israeli Car

A lone gunman opened fire on an Israeli car from inside his own vehicle in a West Bank attack today. The Israeli military said the driver fled the scene and “intentionally” rammed his vehicle into a group of pedestrians. The military said

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