Israel Seizes Palestinian Shipment of ‘Jihadi Dolls’

Jihadi dolls (Haifa customs via Times of Israel)
Haifa Customs

Israeli customs officials have seized a shipment of 4,000 “jihadi dolls”–children’s plush toys dressed as radical Islamist protestors holding rocks, the Times of Israel reports.

The toys were reportedly en route from the United Arab Emirates to the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Authority has continued to incite violence against Israeli civilians in the current “stabbing intifada.”

From the Times of Israel report:

Haifa customs intercept a shipment of 4,000 dolls shaped like stone-throwing jihadis wearing the Palestinian flag…

The dolls, made in China, portray a man wearing a keffiyeh and wearing scarves with slogans such as “Al Quds, we are coming” or “Al Quds for us.”…

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely says the shipment was “en route to the PA with one clear goal, poisoning the minds of young innocent children. The Palestinians continue to incite their kids, to educate their children on hatred and violence, in any means possible and this time, in the shape of a doll.”

Read the full report here.



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