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In Backing Iran Deal, New York Times Lies About Israel’s View

On Wednesday, David Horovitz, the liberal editor of the Times of Israel called the emerging Iran deal: “A bad deal. Far, far worse than no deal at all.” Also on Wednesday, the liberal editorial board of the New York Times called the Iran framework “a very serious and potentially groundbreaking deal,” and claimed that Israel had offered “offers no workable options.” In order to arrive at that conclusion, however, the Times had to rely on a different set of facts from Horovitz–facts it invented.

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L.A. Times Identifies Family of Slain Israeli Arab as “Palestinian”

The Los Angeles Times, ignoring facts that would conflict with its anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian messaging, identified Muhammad Musallam, the 19-year-old boy shot and killed by a child from the group Islamic State, as a “Palestinian,” instead of what he actually was–an Israeli Arab who lived in East Jerusalem.

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