WATCH: Senior Fatah Official Praises Palestinian Terrorists As ‘Giants,’ ‘Pioneers’ On PA TV


JERUSALEM – A senior Fatah official went on Palestinian Authority television to praise all Palestinian terrorists, especially those who succeed to murder Israelis, Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.

The official, Abbas Zaki, made the statements during a special broadcast on official PA TV covering the transfer of the bodies of two terrorist stabbers, Raed Jaradat and Mahmoud Ghanimat, who murdered four Israelis. Watch the video below:

“Whoever succeeded in killing, this is a big thing, and whoever [was killed but] succeeded in at least scaring the Israeli pedestrian is also a martyr,” Zaki said.

In his eulogy, Zaki called all those who attacked Israelis “giants,” “leaders,” and “pioneers” and those who died while attacking Israelis he called “martyrs.”

In keeping with the PA’s history of naming roads, monuments, and schools after terrorists, Zaki made a promise that Jarajat would receive a worthy tribute in his memory, saying, “I believe that, Allah willing, something will be built and named after him [Raed]. When Palestine is liberated, Allah willing, he will have at least an institution named after him, and a statue of him.”


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