Abbas Zaki

Member Of Palestinian Parliament Calls U.S.A. ‘Head Of The Snake’

A member of the Palestinian parliament said the U.S.A. was “the snake’s head” and “the source of racism,” according to a report carried by an official Palestinian Authority radio station shortly after U.S. President Donald announced that the U.S.A. recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

US President Donald Trump's first National Security Strategy says China and Russia are 'attempting to erode American security and prosperity'

Fatah Official: We Will Arm Our Own ‘Military Wing’ In Gaza

TEL AVIV — The Palestinian “resistance” in Gaza will not be disarmed as part of the recent reconciliation deal between the Strip and the government in Ramallah, according to Fatah official Abbas Zaki who spoke to Palestinian media.

A masked activist of Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade, a militia linked to Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat's Fatah movement, marches as he holds the Koran and his rifle during a show of support September 25, 2002 in Deir el Balah, southern Gaza Strip. Nine schoolboys were wounded during clashes with Israeli …