Palestinian Fatah Party Publishes Cartoon Portraying US And Israel Executing Children


JERUSALEM – A cartoon depicting an Israeli soldier executing Palestinian children while an American soldier stands by (pictured) was posted on the website of the Palestinian Fatah party. 

The cartoon, titled “Summary Executions!” shows the Israeli soldier pointing a gun at the back of a child who is blindfolded and tied up. Also shown is a blindfolded baby and another child who lies dead in a pool of blood with holes in his head.

Standing next to the Israeli is an American soldier reading from a piece of paper, reciting his counterpart’s right to kill Palestinian children. American and Israeli flags hang from a wall behind the soldiers. The cartoon was posted on the website of Fatah’s Information and Culture Commission this week.

The scene in the cartoon is reminiscent of videos created by terror organizations in which “enemy” flags are hung and a statement is read aloud before the execution of hostages.

According to Palestinian Media Watch, the cartoon emphasizes two libels promoted by the PA and Fatah: First, that Israel performs field executions of Palestinian children. Second, that all terrorists killed by Israel in the current terror wave are “innocent victims” and never attacked anyone.

According to PMW, nearly all Palestinian attacks are presented to the Palestinian public as Israeli “fabrications.” The IDF has stated that the overwhelming majority of Palestinians killed by Israeli security forces in the current wave of terror are terrorists who were killed during or after an attack.


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