Fatah: Murderer Samir Kuntar Was ‘National Hero’

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The Associated Press

TEL AVIV – A member of Fatah’s Central Committee sent a condolence letter this week  to Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah mourning the death of Samir Kuntar, calling the Lebanese terrorist a “national hero” and a “Palestinian martyr.”

In his letter, which was translated by MEMRI, Abbas Zaki wrote that Kuntar was “the leader of the prisoners” whose death was a tragedy for both the Palestinian and Lebanese people. He also promised to continue the struggle until “the Arab and Palestinian soil is purged of the Zionist occupation and of the criminal gangs.”

Kuntar, who was killed in an alleged Israeli airstrike on Sunday, carried out a terrorist attack in which he killed an Israeli man and his four-year-old daughter, smashing the latter’s skull.

Abbas Zaki’s letter, which was posted on Fatah’s official Twitter page, read:

“We received with honor and pride the news about the martyrdom of the national hero, one of your most prominent knights, the leader of the prisoners, the martyr of the Lebanese resistance and of Palestine Samir Quntar, who was martyred in a treacherous [action] last night, a criminal bombing by the planes of the  Zionist entity.”

On Tuesday, Breitbart Jerusalem reported that  Fatah’s rival, the terrorist group Hamas, also sent condolences to Hezbollah. One was sent from Hamas’ political arm and signed by Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashaal, while another was sent from the commander of Hamas’ military wing, Mohammed Deif.

Breitbart Jerusalem reported that some Hamas supporters condemned the letters, saying they were “overly sycophantic, ridiculous, contemptuous, and disdainful.”