Security Forces Hitched Rides With Bicyclists In Pursuit Of Tel Aviv Killer

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Spencer Platt/Getty Images

TEL AVIV – Multiple videos showing the Tel Aviv terrorist have emerged since the attack on Friday which killed two and wounded several others.

Eyewitnesses say that at one point cops in the area jumped on the back of electric bikes owned by civilians in pursuit of the terrorist.

In this video, the shooter, Arab Israeli Nashat Milhem, can be seen in the right hand corner while customers at Tel Aviv’s Simta bar take cover as he sprays the street with bullets. Watch for yourself below:

Noa Keren, an eye witness who was sitting at a nearby café, recounts, “He was smiling, he was smiling when he was shooting.”

Another video shows the assailant calmly perusing the produce at a grocery store before removing a gun from his knapsack and leaving the store with his weapon aimed at pedestrians. The knapsack was later recovered by police and a copy of the Koran was discovered inside.

Another clip shows the pub’s shattered windows and police motorbikes chasing the terrorist through the streets. Watch for yourself below:

The massive manhunt for Milhem, a 29-year-old from the village of Arara in northern Israel, has yielded no results thus far and the terrorist remains at large. Though all the resources of the Shin Bet security service, the IDF, and the police have been deployed to find Milhem, when the attack occurred the manhunt was far more primitive, with local cops hitching rides on the backs of electric bikes belonging to passing civilians.

Ben Hartman, a reporter in Tel Aviv who was at the scene following the attack, wrote, “It was then that something I’d never seen before happened – a female cop with an M-16 hopped on the back of a civilian’s electric bicycle, as did a detective and then a third plainclothes officer, their assault rifles held high as they set off on a moderately fast, low-carbon footprint pursuit of a possible attacker further up Dizengoff [the street where the shooting took place.]

Hartman continues, “It seems a bit formal to say they ‘commandeered’ the bicycles. I think in America cops commandeer a vehicle, flashing a badge as they chase a bus that must stay above 50mph or it explodes. In Israel though? I’m pretty sure the cyclist sees the cop running to stop an attack and says nu, yalla (so, let’s go) and they head up the sidewalk.”


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