Abbas’ Advisor: Palestinians ‘Right’ To Kill Has Sown Fear In Cancerous Israel

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

TEL AVIV – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor justified the Palestinians’ “right” to spill innocent blood and praised the current terror wave against “cancerous” Israelis for “wearing the occupation down and making it lose sleep,” Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) reported.

In an interview this month, Fatah Central Committee member Sultan Abu Al-Einein began by praising the “martyrs” involved in the upsurge of violence that has seen 28 Israelis murdered and 287 wounded since October.

“We in the Fatah movement are proud of all the martyrs, regardless of their [political] affiliation,” Abu Al-Einein said, singling out terrorists from Hebron who “have sown fear in all of this cancerous Israeli body.”

Abbas’ advisor continued by blessing the martyrs who had “the honor of igniting the first spark” of this round of violence, saying we “bow the head before every drop of blood that has dripped from our children and women.” He praised the mothers of martyrs for carrying the terrorists in their bellies only to “emit cries of joy to the heavens” upon hearing that their children had martyred themselves.

“Mothers like these will not be defeated, and this is our people about whom President Martyr Yasser Arafat said that it is ‘a people of giants,'” Abu Al-Einein added.

He also urged all Palestinian leaders to support the “popular uprising,” explaining that it is the most effective way of making the “Israeli enemy’s presence on our land costlier and more painful.”

Abu Al-Einein asserted that Palestinians have the right to kill because they are victims.

“Most of those who have died as martyrs did not pose any danger to the lives of the occupation’s soldiers, but they [the soldiers] are thirsty for our sons’ blood, and this is the military and political education provided by the Israeli enemy’s army, and we have a right to educate our children to avenge our pure blood that is being spilled,” he explained.

“We are the victims, and it is the right of the victim to protect himself before he breathes his last breath.”

He also warned that those “who seek knives today, will seek rifles and weapons tomorrow,” and assured his audience that the “uprising” is not waning. Instead, the Palestinians are “preparing for stronger waves of rage against the Zionist enemy.”

This is not the first time that Abu Al-Einein has expressed his support of terror. Following a previous instance in which he praised the murderer of an Israeli father of five, members of the US Congress demanded that Abbas remove Abu Al-Einein from office. Abbas ignored the demands and Abu Al-Einein retained his position.


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