Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: ‘We Will Not Commit Suicide’

The Associated Press

Der Spiegel reports: Ayelet Shaked, 39, has had an astonishing career. She studied information technology and later worked in the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, before falling out with him eight years ago and leaving the job. Today, Shaked is a member of his cabinet as his justice minister.

She achieved that ascent by taking over the reins together with Naftali Bennett of the national religious party Jewish Home, which has become the third-strongest party in Israel, attracting the votes of young Tel Aviv residents as well as radical settlers. The fact that the party is able to manage this balancing act is also due to Shaked’s merits.

She’s smart, secular and radical and doesn’t shy away from making razor-sharp — some would even say racist comments.

She has risen to become one of the most admired and hated politicians in Israel.

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