PHOTOS – Islamic State Tribunals ‘Exhibit Compassion’ With Light Punishments To Prostitution, Theft Convicts

islamic state punishment

JAFFA, Israel – The Islamic State published pictures showing its operatives exhibiting “judgement and compassion” against a man who confessed to prostitution, one of Sharia law’s most punishable offenses.

Instead of stoning and whipping the defendant, the organization decided to spare him, citing his celibacy, and making do with censuring him in public.

The pictures, taken in Iraq’s Saladin region, show an IS judge, his face covered, preparing to stone and whip the man but hugging him instead.

See below:

pros1 pros2

“They took the opportunity to inform the public about prostitution and its prohibition in Islam,” a former IS fighter who recently returned to his native Gaza told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Meanwhile, an IS tribunal spared another man who was accused of theft. The customary hand-chopping punishment was commuted to a public censuring.


“The reason for that might be that it emerged that the man is not a ‘professional’ thief but someone who was forced to steal to provide for his family,” the Gazan jihadist, Abu Bakr Al-Maqdasi, also told Breitbart Jerusalem.

“In this case, chopping his hand off is unwarranted. These are Sharia laws that can be found in the Quran, but more than that, Sharia gives the Islamic authority a lot of leeway to apply their judgement. They were probably convinced that the man had no choice and carried out the crime for selfless reasons.”


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