Kuwaiti Journalist Praises Jewish, Christian Progress in Science, Industry

A scientist lowers biological samples into a liquid nitrogen storage tank at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute on December 9, 2014 in Cambridge, England.
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JERUSALEM – A Kuwaiti journalist slammed a local imam in a recent column for cursing Jews and Christians who, he wrote, were the ones who discovered the Arab world’s oil and invented the tools necessary to extract it from the ground and sell it.

Ahmad al-Sharraf, writing in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas, began his column by quoting an unnamed imam who called in his Friday prayers for Allah to “punish the Shi’ites, the communists, the Jews, the Christians, and the tyrants.”

Al-Sharraf hailed the imam for calling on god to punish the tyrants “because this is necessary and desirable.” The Sunni columnist, however, went on to say that the call for God to punish the Shi’ites is “meaningless” because they are “cursed enough,” while communists are “already forgotten and dispersed.”

According to a translation of parts of al-Sharraf’s column published by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) on Tuesday, the columnist wrote that he was “intrigued” by the imam’s call on Allah to enable “our ‘Mujahideen brothers,’ or more accurately, ‘ISIS and Al-Qaeda,’ ” to “behead the Jews and the Christians.”

It was Jews and Christians, wrote al-Sharraf, who provided the imam with the prayer mat on which he stood, invented the microphone enabling to spread his words of hatred, and manufactured the heater that warmed him while doing so.

Enumerating a whole list of items produced by non-Muslims and used by Muslims in their daily lives, such as “the doors on his home, the locks on his safe, his bath soap, and his shoes,” al-Sharraf wrote:

“It was they who also invented and produced the most complex medical instruments and discovered the best serums and drugs, which have healed hundreds of millions of Muslims, and without which they could have died due to lack of care.”

Jews and Christians, al-Sharraf continued, “discovered our oil and extracted it from the ground, transported it, refined it, and purchased it from us, paying us hundreds of trillions of dollars, so that we can then be condescending and arrogant and deluge them with horrible curses.”

According to MEMRI, al-Sharraf previously wrote a column titled “Israel has outdone us in everything – we must learn from it.”


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