PICTURES: PLO Members Stage Unprecedented Protest Against Abbas

PLO leadership abbas

Members of organizations belonging to the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) have voiced unprecedented criticism against its head, President Mahmoud Abbas, for his “obsequious” attitude toward Israel.

The Abbas loyalist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued acerbic statements that are more typical of opposition groups such as Hamas, after Abbas ensured the Israeli public, in an interview on Israel’s Channel 2, that he vouched for their security.

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Protesters take to the street against Mahmoud Abbas (PFLP official website)

The PFLP said in a statement that Abbas “crossed a line, and his unacceptable statements should be accounted for,” after he said that his forces are committed to foiling attacks against Israel.

“The PLO must implement its decision to suspend the security cooperation with Israel and stop condoning the crimes of the Zionist occupation,” the Marxist organization further said.

In response, Abbas ordered the freeze of stipends that the group receives from the PLO, which was met with more strain.

PFLP activists staged a protest march against Abbas, in which they stumped and burnt his pictures. Some images appear below:


Protesters set fire to PLO leadership pictures (PFLP official website)

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Protesters set fire to PLO leadership pictures (PFLP official website)

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The protest had masked PLO militants in the lead (PFLP official website)

Rabbah Muhana, a member of the group’s political bureau, told Breitbart Jerusalem that Abbas’ decree was meant to punish them for their opposition to the security cooperation, and for their dismay at his statement on Israeli TV that he “adheres by the security cooperation deal, otherwise there’ll be chaos.”

The Democratic Front, equally critical of Abbas, was handled in the same manner.


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