Hamas Blames PA, Israel For Deaths Of Three Children In Gaza House Fire

Ismail Haniyeh

The Times of Israel reports: Hamas Gaza leader Ismail Haniyeh (pictured) on Saturday accused Israel and the Palestinian Authority of complicity in the deaths of three children killed in a fire that burned down their home, which was apparently started by candles used to light the residence.

Haniyeh said the Israeli blockade on Gaza, and the high price charged by the PA for diesel supplies to the Strip, cause power shortages which indirectly led to the children’s death.

“Israel’s plane are scorching the earth and Palestinian homes, and those who conspire (to continue) the siege on Gaza are burning Palestinian children,” Haniyeh said at the children’s funerals, Ynet reported.

Officials from both the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups hold Mahmoud Abbas and the PA responsible for the deaths, Israel’s Channel 2 said.

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