Report: Saudi Man Divorces Wife on Wedding Night for Excessive Texting

saudi arabia

JAFFA, Israel – A Saudi man reportedly divorced his wife on their wedding night after she became too preoccupied with her mobile phone.

According to a relative of the groom, the couple checked into a hotel room immediately after their wedding, but the bride spent the entire time texting.

“The groom tried to approach her, but was turned down,” he told Alwatan newspaper. “Then he asked her what she was doing, and she said she was texting her friends who congratulated her on her wedding. He asked her whether they were more important than him, and she said yes.”

An argument ensued, after which the man told his wife that he has decided to divorce her, and left the hotel. He has since filed for divorce in a local court.

Alwatan also reported that a Saudi woman has set fire to her apartment after finding out her husband married a second woman. The couple have been married for 10 years and have six children, and once he showed his wife a picture of his second wedding ceremony, she became enraged and set their home ablaze.

Meanwhile, a shelter for young women in Mecca has announced that 85 per cent of the cases it handles are individuals who have fled their homes over domestic abuse.

The director of the shelter, Hafsa Shueib, said that the women, aged 13-26, have become homeless.

The other 15 percent are in custody over offenses such as theft or spending time with men.

Another common offense is disseminating indecent pictures online out of revenge.


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