Alarming Rise in Sea of Galilee Salt Levels

Sea of Galilee
David Silverman/Getty

Ynetnews reports:  The last few dry winters northern Israel has experienced are taking their toll on the Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), with the salt levels in the lake’s water on the rise.

The drop in precipitation, which is accompanied by a reduction in water flow, has led to a situation in which less and less water has been coming into the Kinneret over the last few decades.

The average amount of available water in the Kinneret currently stands at 320 million cubic liters per year. For comparison’s sake, in the 1970s that average was 480 million cubic liters per year.

In recent years, Israel has been using more and more desalinated water, which has led to less water being pumped out of the lake. But without a proper turnover of water—existing water leaving the lake while “new” water comes in—the concentration of salts in the lake’s water rises.

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