EXCLUSIVE – Islamic State Supporters Celebrate Deadly Istanbul Airport Attack


TEL AVIV – The Islamic State has not claimed official responsibility for Tuesday’s deadly Istanbul airport attack as if this writing, but users in an encrypted messaging forum for Islamic State fighters and supporters are praising the triple assaults and hoping IS was behind the carnage that left 41 people dead and wounded more than 239.

Breitbart Jerusalem has gained insider access to the encrypted Telegraph forum, which consists of known IS leaders, lower and mid-level IS fighters, IS supporters, and propagandists. Some members utilize their own names, while others use screen names. The forum serves as a Twitter of sorts for IS and its supporters.

Inside the forum, users explained with great conviction why they hope and believe the attack was IS “retaliation” against Turkey.

Abu Usama Almagrebi, a Moroccan jihadi, wrote: “Friends, Turkey has become a member of the axis of infidel countries fighting and showing hostility against us. They kill our brothers on a daily basis by launching airstrikes on our country, and the blessed bombings that we hope our brothers are responsible for is a natural reaction and only a small part of the price Turkey has to pay for its policy against our brothers.”

abu usama almagrebi

“She (Turkey) should know that she will pay for participating in the attacks against us just like any other infidel country,” he added.

Another IS activist, writing under the pseudonym “Attacking Barriers,” wrote: “Our friends and dearly beloved, the community of mujahedeen, for us an American Muslim is better than an Arab supporting the infidels. Don’t forget the teachings of Ibn Taimiyah [an Islamic cleric who serves as an inspiration to IS] who said: ‘If I side with the infidels kill me, even if I do it carrying the Quran…’ There are Muslims among the infidels.”

attacking barriors

Kassura Aljazrawi wrote: “The Turkish ruler who pretends to be a caliph leads his country to oblivion. He joined a war that’s not his out of support for the infidels, opened the doors to his military bases for them to raid our brothers, and now realizes what price he has to pay for his stupidity.”

kassura aljazrawi (1)

Telegraph user “Tyrant Shaker” mentioned the normalization pact Turkey had signed with Israel just one day before Tuesday’s attack. “I think that the operation is a message from our State that if you think you sign a deal with the Jews to help your economy, it actually depends on our suicide bombers.”

tyrant maarid

“Ironclad Determination” wrote: “Erdogan entered the gates of the world of infidelity and therefore bears the brunt of our Islamic fighters. He started this war by attacking our brothers, and it’s time for him the pay the price. We pray to Allah that this attack was the work of our brothers, and with Allah’s help the mujahedeen will take control of Turkey just like the Prophet promised.”

iron determination

IS is being implicated in the attack in which three suspected suicide bombers opened fire and then detonated themselves in Istanbul’s main airport.

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