Watch: Islamic State Shoots Two Egyptian Policemen, Threaten Israel in New Terror Video

islamic state executioner
Islamic State Telegraph Forum

The Daily Mail reports: ISIS barbarians have shot two Egyptian policemen in the head and threatened Israel in a sickening new execution video.

The two men are seen kneeling on the ground before a masked jihadi in the desert of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt.
Gruesome footage then shows the men, who were wearing orange boiler suits, lying in a pool of blood having been shot in the head.

In the same video, ISIS fanatics in Egypt deliver a rare direct threat to Israel, saying the Jewish state will soon ‘pay a high price.’

Egypt’s branch of the ISIS is spearheading an insurgency in northern Sinai that had simmered for years but grew stronger and deadlier after the military’s 2013 ouster of Mohammed Morsi, an Islamist president whose one year in office proved divisive.

See the video and read more here.


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