Former Mossad Deputy Director Duped Into Hezbollah Interview

Former Lebanese president Amin Gemayel (2nd-R) gestures as he speaks during a TV interview in Doha on May 18, 2008. Rival Lebanese leaders pressed on with talks today to try to end a feud that pushed the nation towards all-out sectarian war, with the focus on a disputed electoral law …

Ynetnews reports: Yedioth Ahronoth, Ynet’s sister publication, revealed that in early August, an Italian journalist, who was hired by Hezbollah to personally interview Israeli officials without their knowing who was behind the project, managed to interview former ministers Tzipi Livni and Amir Peretz, former head of military intelligence Amos Yadlin, and former National Security Advisor Yaakov Amidror.

Former Mossad deputy director Ilan Mizrahi joined their ranks on Saturday’s program.

That evening, revealed in vivid detail, was the account of the Hezbollah broker who secured the deal that returned the coffins of Regev and Goldwasser in exchange for the release of terrorist Samir Kuntar, four Hezbollah fighters, and 199 bodies of Palestinian and other Arab fighters.

The broker, Wafiq Safah, said: “Throughout the negotiations, we made sure to keep a tight lid on the fate of the soldiers.”

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