Iranian Official: U.S. Sees Us As Military Force To Be Reckoned With

AP/Vahid Salemi

JAFFA, Israel – The entire world, including America, recognizes Iran’s military might, an Iranian Air Force colonel has said.

Salar Anboush, the deputy commander of an air force base in Samnan province, said at a memorial service for the martyrs of the city of Shahroud that “the world treats Iran as a force to be reckoned with and even the Americans have acknowledged the Islamic Republic’s power.”

“More and more people acknowledge Iran’s military accomplishments,” he added. “After the [Islamic] Revolution, Western powers, and the United States chief among them, thought that Iran, especially in light of the war that was imposed upon it, would not last.”

“Some historians refer to our achievements as ‘spectacular’ and say that Iran is a Muslim Japan, given our technological and scientific progress.”

In relation to the United States, Anboush said that it has “a deep-seated hostility towards Islam, and once they’ve come to terms with Iran’s military capabilities, they’ve started pressuring us with economic sanctions.”

“Iran’s electronic army is highly skilled and has become the world’s fourth … most advanced,” he concluded.

Anboush’s remarks come against the backdrop of similar remarks by Ali Fadawi, the commander of the naval forces of the Revolutionary Guards, who was dismissive of the United States’ maritime strength.

Speaking at a student conference in Tehran, Fadawi said that the US is unable to face up to Iran’s maritime and airborne performance.

“America’s maritime activity in the Gulf is under the constant surveillance of 97 ships belonging to the Revolutionary Guards,” he said.

“We’ve deprived the Americans of their strength in the region, that’s why American ships haven’t been able to come anywhere near Iran’s territorial waters,” he added.