Report: MP May Be Charged For Saying Most Egyptian Men Are Impotent

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JAFFA, Israel – Several Egyptian lawmakers have called for the prosecution of fellow MP Ilham Ajina after he said most Egyptian men suffer from impotence.

Earlier this week, Breitbart Jerusalem reported that Ajina said most Egyptian men suffer from “sexual weakness” and erectile dysfunction. He said that figures of rising usage of sexual stimulants are not something to be ashamed of.

“It’s a medical condition just like any other,” he said, causing a huge media storm in which he was accused of suffering from impotence himself.

He later said that, given men’s poor performance, women should be circumcised to curb their sexual drive.

The Egyptian media reported that Ali Abdel, the speaker of the parliament, upheld the MPs’ complaint and is likely to allow a judicial procedure to start, whereby Ajina will be charged with insulting the Egyptian people and the Egyptian parliament.

Ajina was notified by the speaker of the house that he is likely to stand trial.

“The source of this rumor isn’t the speaker but those impotent men who wish to do me harm,” he said. “All my critics in the mainstream and social media suffer from sexual weakness and impotence. They are unable to have sex, otherwise they wouldn’t mind my saying the truth.”

Ajina denied that he himself suffered from impotence. “I repeat: I’m absolutely fine. You can talk to my wife and ask her.”

“Everybody recognized this truth but insist on attacking me for no reason,” he added.


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