EXCLUSIVE – Gaza Jihadi: Military Aid Won’t Save Israel, America From The ‘Wrath of Allah’


JAFFA, Israel — A $38 billion American military aid package won’t save Israel from the Mujahideen’s attempts to destroy the Jewish state, a boastful Gaza-based jihadi has declared.

“The Israelis feel secure thanks to their military upper hand and America’s support, but eventually, neither Obama nor Trump nor the wretched Hillary Clinton will save Israel,” Abu Aisha Alanssari said. “They don’t understand that Allah is more powerful than they are, and he promised the Mujahideen and the believers that they will be victorious. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how many billions the Zionists got and how many planes and tanks they buy with that money. Can tanks resist the wrath of Allah? Has Allah not annihilated entire nations in the past?”

He added that the Mujahideen are working to unite all Muslims so as to send a sign to the heavens that the time to realize the divine promise to annihilate the Jews has come.

“The Americans support the Zionists, the Egyptian tyrant Sisi and the enemies of Islam in Syria and Iraq, and smile when they see their plans realized,” he said. “But the last laugh will be Allah’s, who will in a heartbeat obliterate their efforts as well as themselves and those who help them fight against Muslims. The Quran says: ‘They think the day is far, but we see it up close.’ That’s the whole story.”

He also claimed that Muslims across the board, not just jihadis, are starting to realize that efforts to please, negotiate and collaborate with the “non-believing” West do not change their basic hostility toward Muslims.

“There’s a negotiation process on Syria, and there’s a ceasefire, but they’re meant to give the enemies of Islam some time to organize and become stronger,” he said. “Therefore, just like Allah says in the Quran that the Jews and the Christians will not accept the Muslims unless they adhere to their religion, there’s no chance that the non-believing Crusaders and Zionists will want to help the Muslims. The only way is to show Allah that we fight his enemies on the ground, the enemies that corrupt humanity, corrupt Allah’s land, and wish to drive Muslims away from their religion.”

“This is not the first time America gives the Jews money to kill Muslims, but neither $38 billion nor $380 billion help the Zionists and the Americans,” he added. “Our brothers will reach them in New York, Washington, the Middle East, Europe. It’s $38 billion for the purpose of killing Muslims, therefore they must expect the Muslim swords to be pointing towards them.

“We’ve showcased our abilities in Paris, and now Washington and Moscow, and everywhere the infidels are waging a war against Muslims, they should look forward to our explosive belts and car bombs. They think it is far away, but we see it up close – that’s Allah’s promise.”


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