UK Resumes Financial Aid Packages to Palestinian Authority

Jordanian supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood wave the Palestinian flag as they gather during a protest to celebrate the 'Gaza victory' in the war against Israel, in the capital Amman on August 8, 2014.

The Times reports: Britain has resumed a controversial £25 million-a-year aid programme to the Palestinian Authority (PA) after freezing payments amid fears that they were indirectly financing terrorism.

Priti Patel, the international development secretary, stopped aid to the PA in October after claims that money meant for civil servants in the occupied territories was instead being diverted to prisoners who had carried out attacks on Israel.

Cash was reportedly passed from the PA, the body that governs the West Bank and Gaza, to the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, which in turn gave it to hundreds of convicted prisoners locked up in Israeli jails. Following the reports, which stated that prisoners and the families of prisoners who had died typically received £600 a month, Jewish groups called on the PA aid to be stopped.

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