Kerry To Netanyahu: U.S. To Prevent UN Action Following Paris ‘Peace’ Summit

Secretary of State John Kerry (L) speaks with European Union Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini (R) as they take part with other foreign ministers and representatives in a family picture during the Mideast peace conference in Paris on January 15, 2017. Foreign ministers and representatives from around 70 countries are …

TEL AVIV – The U.S. will prevent any further action against Israel at the UN and work to soften the final text of a resolution emerging from the Paris peace summit, Secretary of State John Kerry told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone conversation on Sunday.

According to Israeli sources, Kerry called Netanyahu from the conference to update him on the efforts the U.S. was making to restrict any more damage to Israel, including mitigating the draft of a final communique slated to be released late Sunday. The Secretary of State added that he would work to oppose any attempt to codify the communique into another Security Council resolution.

Netanyahu responded by saying that the Obama administration had already harmed Israel by allowing an anti-settlement resolution to pass at the Security Council last month.

The premier told Kerry that no more resolutions that target Israel should be allowed to pass, either at the UN or in Paris.

According to the sources, Kerry again assured Netanyahu that there would be no follow-up to the peace summit at the Security Council.

Foreign ministers from around 70 nations, including Secretary of State John Kerry, attended the confab, whose stated aim was to urge Israeli and Palestinian leaders to recommit to the so-called two-state solution. Representatives from the United Nations, European Union, Arab League and Organization of Islamic Cooperation were also in attendance.

However, neither Israel nor the Palestinians had any representation at the conference.

The UK, notably, did not send any representatives either. According to the Guardian, this was a deliberate decision in order to “stay close to Donald Trump’s administration.”

Two weeks ago, Breitbart Jerusalem’s Aaron Klein and Ali Waked cited a senior PA official saying the PA has been in contact with the Obama administration and European countries about the possibility of taking more UN action based on the outcome of the Paris conference.

Citing the official, Breitbart Jerusalem reported:

The official said the UN action could come in the form of declarations by UN bodies, including the General Assembly; UN sessions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; or even another United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution.  He said any further UNSC resolution would depend on the support of the U.S. and European countries after the upcoming Paris Mideast summit slated for January 15.

He said the UN action would seek to set the parameters of a future Palestinian state with a clear timeline for negotiations.  If the action comes in the form of a resolution at a UN body, it could call for an infrastructure to establish mechanisms to enforce last month’s UNSC resolution.

The PA official said the proposals set forth at the Paris Mideast conference will likely serve as the basis for upcoming UN action.

An Israeli official told Breitbart Jerusalem that the Israeli government is aware of the possibility of more UN action in the coming weeks, although the official did not have information about a new UNSC resolution.


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