Jihadist: Hamas Confiscates Hundreds Of Rockets From Gaza Salafists

islamic state

Hamas has raided weapons caches of Islamic State-affiliated groups in the Gaza Strip in the wake of several rockets fired from Sinai into Israel, a top jihadi militant affiliated with IS ideology told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Abu Bakr Almaqdesi said that about 250 rockets and dozens of rifles have been confiscated, in addition to the arrest of their supposed owners.

The arsenal ranged between smaller rockets, with a range of 5-7 kilometers, to Grad rockets that are capable of reaching Tel Aviv, he claimed.

In addition, more than 60 AK-47 rifles were confiscated, the jihadist said. “But the so-called Muslims didn’t make do with depriving the mujahedeen of their arms,” he said, referring to Hamas, “they confiscated their personal computers, mobile phones and motorcycles as well. They even took Islamic State flags.”

He said Hamas insists on keeping hundreds of jihadists in detention. “Only 17 have been released under severe restrictions, and for a $1000 bail each – more than most of our brothers in Gaza can afford.”

“The rockets are intended to hit the Jews, who have become active players in the war waged against our brothers in Sinai by [Egyptian President Abdel Fatah] Sisi’s army of infidels,” he said. “The fact that Hamas takes the rockets away from the mujahedeen proves that they have nothing to do with Islam and jihad. Hamas has come out in defense of the Jews. They seek to become part of democracy and give precedence to man-made laws over divine law, and this is the result. But Hamas knows full well that its men, thank Allah, continue to cross the lines and join the mujahedeen and the Islamic State.”


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