Netanyahu: Israel’s Vital Infrastructure Safe From Cyber Attack, But Things Could Change

benjamin netanyahu

TEL AVIV – The cyber attack that has struck 150 countries around the world has so far not affected Israel, but “everything could change,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday.

Speaking at the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said the ransomware attacks had not impacted any of Israel’s vital infrastructure.

“Several years ago, we established a defense network against cyber attacks,” Netanyahu said. “We also had the foresight to establish the National Cyber Defense Authority based on the understanding that we yet face a new threat.”

“I can only request one thing from Israel’s citizens and Israel’s companies — follow the directives of the National Cyber Defense Authority,” the prime minister continued. “There will yet be many developments and we will need to invest more resources in order to ensure that the State of Israel, vis-a-vis both its defense and civilian sectors, has the necessary defensive measures against this new type of threat.”

Watch Netanyahu’s remarks (in Hebrew) below:


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