cyber attacks

US authorities say malware from North Korea may be lurking in computer systems, giving hackers remote access

Turkish Hackers Take Over Twitter Account of Ex-Netanyahu Aide Dore Gold

A Turkish hacking group on Saturday took over the Twitter account of Dore Gold, who has served in the past in various official capacities, including as an adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as ambassador to the United Nations and as the director-general of the Foreign Ministry.

The young cyber security researcher known only by his Twitter handle @MalwareTechBlog, says he found a way of slowing the spread of WannaCry by chance

German Company Continental Acquires Israeli Automotive Cyber Tech Firm

Continental, a Hanover, Germany-based developer of technologies and services for sustainable and connected mobility of people and their goods, is acquiring Argus Cyber Security, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based automotive cyber security company. The amount of the deal was not disclosed.

cyber attacks

Israel Says it Uncovered Planned Mass Cyber Attacks

Israeli authorities said on Wednesday that they had detected planned cyber attacks against 120 public and private targets in the Jewish state but did not specify the intended victims.


French Military to Boost Defences Against Cyber Attacks

PARIS, (Reuters) – France is no less vulnerable than the United States to cyber attacks from foreign countries and the French military will boost its resources to defend against them, the French defence minister said on Sunday. In an interview with


Britain to Spend 1.9 Billion Boosting Cyber Defences

LONDON, Nov 1 (Reuters) – Britain will boost its cyber security defences with a 1.9 billion pound ($2.32 billion) investment due to be announced by Finance Minister Philip Hammond later on Tuesday, a statement from the Treasury said.

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German Spy Service Says Russia Behind Major Cyber Attacks

Germany’s domestic secret service Friday accused Russia of a series of international cyber attacks aimed at spying and sabotage, in “hybrid warfare” that also targeted the German parliament last year. The operations cited by the BfV intelligence agency ranged from


‘Anonymous’ Hackers Attacks On Israel More Hype Than Harm

Ynetnews reports: The cyber attacks launched by the anti-Israel hacker-group ‘Anonymous’ are more hype than harm, according to Israeli cyber security experts, who claim that media coverage is fomenting unnecessary fear out of sync with the reality of the threat. Anonymous,

People wearing Guy Fawkes masks demonstrate prior to the trial of three 'Anonymous' for their alleged involvement in cyber attacks targetting institutional websites, on November 9, 2015 in front of Nancy's courthouse, eastern France.

Israel Bracing for Hacker Group Anonymous’ Annual Cyberattack

JERUSALEM – Israel’s cyber security community is bracing for a coordinated global attack by the hacker group Anonymous, scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 7. An annual campaign, #OpIsrael began in 2013 on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Its goal, according to Techcrunch, was


New Israeli Army Division to Fight Cyber Warfare

TEL AVIV – The IDF’s new cyber division, aimed at defending against cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, is more important than the establishment of commando brigades, a high-ranking IDF commander said. So far, the army’s cyber arm comprises eight special units designed


Turkey Accuses Russia of Hacking Government Websites

Several Turkish websites belonging to both private companies and government agencies came under cyberattack this week. Some in Turkey claim Russian hackers are responsible, suggesting the attacks might be the result of rising tensions between Turkey and Russia.

Democratic presidential candidate Clinton addresses union members as she tours the Carpenters International Training Center in Las Vegas

Cyber-Security Experts: Hillary Clinton Mail Server Was ‘Total Amateur Hour’

The Associated Press is exposing the security flaws in Hillary Clinton’s email setup, and it’s devastating. Some of the details they amassed have been known or suspected since early in the scandal, but seeing them all together, with some new details, paints a picture of hair-raising reckless vulnerability.


ISIS-Aligned ‘CyberCaliphate’ Hackers Go After Military Spouses of Strength

The CyberCaliphate, an ISIS-affiliated hacker group, is sure to make a great deal of American blood boil with their latest stunt: they hijacked the Twitter account of a support group for called Military Spouses of Strength, which “aims to improve mental health awareness by providing resources and knowledge through tangible programming” in the words of their mission statement.