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Report: Cyber Attacks Jam Websites of Multiple Major American Airports

Cyber attacks were reported on Monday at some of the largest airports in the United States, officials allege. The attacks jammed the websites of airports including Los Angeles International Airport and O’Hare International Airport, causing inconvenience for travelers seeking information. According to an LAX spokesperson, “No internal airport systems were compromised and there were no operational disruptions.”

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German Spy Service Says Russia Behind Major Cyber Attacks

Germany’s domestic secret service Friday accused Russia of a series of international cyber attacks aimed at spying and sabotage, in “hybrid warfare” that also targeted the German parliament last year. The operations cited by the BfV intelligence agency ranged from

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Israel Bracing for Hacker Group Anonymous’ Annual Cyberattack

JERUSALEM – Israel’s cyber security community is bracing for a coordinated global attack by the hacker group Anonymous, scheduled to take place on Thursday, April 7. An annual campaign, #OpIsrael began in 2013 on Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day. Its goal, according to Techcrunch, was

People wearing Guy Fawkes masks demonstrate prior to the trial of three 'Anonymous' for their alleged involvement in cyber attacks targetting institutional websites, on November 9, 2015 in front of Nancy's courthouse, eastern France.

New Israeli Army Division to Fight Cyber Warfare

TEL AVIV – The IDF’s new cyber division, aimed at defending against cyberattacks on critical infrastructure, is more important than the establishment of commando brigades, a high-ranking IDF commander said. So far, the army’s cyber arm comprises eight special units designed


Turkey Accuses Russia of Hacking Government Websites

Several Turkish websites belonging to both private companies and government agencies came under cyberattack this week. Some in Turkey claim Russian hackers are responsible, suggesting the attacks might be the result of rising tensions between Turkey and Russia.