Illinois Hospital Closes Due to Devastating Ransomware Attack

In an unprecedented event in the healthcare industry, St. Margaret’s Health in Spring Valley, Illinois, is set to close its doors, partially due to a crippling ransomware attack that occurred in 2021. This marks the first time a hospital has publicly attributed its closure to a cyberattack. One administrator explained the extent of the cyberattack, saying,  “You’re dead in the water. We were down a minimum of 14 weeks. And then you’re trying to recover. Nothing went out. No claims. Nothing got entered. So it took months and months and months.” she said.

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Dallas Hit by Ransomware Attack Disrupting Key Services Including 911 Dispatch

Dallas, Texas, is grappling with a ransomware attack that has caused widespread service outages and impacted critical systems, including 911 dispatch services. The Royal ransomware gang has claimed responsibility for the cyber attack, which has left the Texas city scrambling to restore services and assess the full extent of the damage.

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U.S. and U.K. Blame Iran for ‘Reckless’ Cyberattack on Albanian Government

British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said on Wednesday that his government’s National Cyber Security Center has determined hackers linked to the Iranian regime were “almost certainly” behind a massive cyberattack against the Albanian government in July. Albania severed diplomatic ties with Iran over the incident, enraging Tehran.

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How One Texas Town Dealt with an Early Ransomware Attack

In 2019 the city of Borger, Texas, dealt with one of the earliest ransomware attacks in a recent series of Russia-based hacks. Although some services were disrupted, the town had most of its files backed up and essential services remained up. The town did not pay the $2.5 million ransom demanded by the hackers.

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Feds Seized the Colonial Pipeline Bitcoin Ransom in California

The Justice Department announced on Monday that it had recovered $2.3 million of the cryptocurrency ransom paid by Colonial Pipeline Co. to ransomware hackers. The funds were seized from an account located in California, leading many to suspect the ransom was paid to a Coinbase wallet — a claim the cryptocurrency exchange has denied.

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Deputy A.G. Monaco: We Don’t Know if JBS Paid Ransom

On Friday’s broadcast of CNBC’s “Fast Money Halftime Report,” Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco stated that the government doesn’t know whether meat producer JBS paid ransom in response to a cyberattack against the company. CNBC Senior Washington Correspondent Eamon Javers

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Colonial Pipeline CEO Explains Why He Made Ransomware Hackers Rich

The CEO of Colonial Pipeline, Joseph Blount, has attempted to explain why he chose to pay a $4.4 million ransom to hackers that took the pipeline’s system hostage. According to one expert, the Colonial Pipeline payoff will “help keep United States critical infrastructure providers in the crosshairs.”

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Wired: Colonial Pipeline’s Ransomware Payoff Keeps Infrastructure ‘in the Crosshairs’

A recent report from Wired reveals that a week after a ransomware attack shut down Colonial Pipeline halting fuel distribution on the East Coast, the company paid a reported $5 million dollar ransom to regain control of their systems and resume operations. The payoff may lead to future ransomware attacks, as one expert notes: “Unfortunately, it’ll help keep United States critical infrastructure providers in the crosshairs. If a sector proves to be profitable, they’ll keep on hitting it.”


GasBuddy Tops Apple App Store Amid Gas Shortages, Suffers Outages

GasBuddy, an app that helps users to find the best availability and prices on fuel, has topped Apple’s App Store this week amidst the gas shortage caused by the recent ransomware cyberattack on the Colonial Pipeline. The app has proved so popular that its servers have experienced outages this week.

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Exclusive – Cybersecurity Expert: Ransomware Attacks Happen Because the Bad Guys Make Big Money

Morgan Wright, the Chief Security Advisor at SentinelOne and former Senior Advisor of the U.S. State Department and the Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program, appeared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow on Wednesday to discuss the recent rise in ransomware attacks. According to Wright, “if you remove the ability to monetize this, these gangs are out of business because they’re only in it for one reason — to make money.”

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