Feds Charge 2 Iranians for Hacking Scheme Targeting U.S. Hospitals, Public Institutions 

U.S. federal authorities have indicted two Iranian nationals for deploying “sophisticated ransomware” from inside the Islamic Republic to extort hundreds of victims including hospitals, municipalities, and public institutions, a move that has caused over $30 million in losses, the Department of Justice (DOJ) announced Wednesday.

3141456 06/28/2017 IT systems in several countries have undergone a global ransomware attack. Alexey Malgavko/Sputnik Alexey Malgavko / Sputnik

DOJ Charges North Korean Programmer in Sony Pictures Hack

The Justice Department has charged a computer programmer working on behalf of the North Korean government with the hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014, along with the massive WannaCry ransomware attack last year and an $81 million theft from a bank in Bangladesh.

United States Attorney Tracy Wilkison announces a criminal complaint being filed against a North Korean national accused in a series of destructive cyberattacks around the world, at a news conference in Los Angeles Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018. The complaint alleges Park Jin Hyok, computer programmer accused of working at the …

Top 15 Things to Know About the ‘WannaCry’ Global Ransomware Hacker Attack

The impact of the WannaCry virus attack has been limited in the United States so far, although security analysts fear that could change in the coming days. The virus has been running wild across Europe and Asia, inflicting an untold amount of financial damage and putting lives in danger, since one of the biggest targets was Britain’s National Health System. Following are 15 important facts about WannaCry, including tips on how to protect vulnerable systems.

The wave of hacking hackers cyberattacks has caused havoc in 150 countries

NHS Tech Glitch Part of Fast-Moving Global Cyber-Attack

LONDON (AFP) – A fast-moving wave of cyberattacks swept the globe Friday, apparently exploiting a flaw exposed in documents leaked from the US National Security Agency. The attacks – which experts said affected dozens of countries – used a technique

NHS Hospitals Across The UK Are Hit By Cyber Attack

Rash of Cyber Attacks on Texas School District Worries Some Parents

One Texas school district admits cybercriminals hacked into their records multiple times and across 20 of its campuses, attempting to hold data for ransom. To their knowledge, no pertinent confidential student data was seized; however, the news of these attacks has some parents worried.


Hollywood Hospital Pays $17,000 in Bitcoin Ransom to Hackers

On Wednesday, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center CEO Allen Stefanek admitted that the 434-bed short-term acute care hospital paid 40 bitcoins, worth $16,664 dollars, to a hacker who penetrated and disabled its computer network on February 5. Stefanek released a statement

Bitcoin (Rick Bowmer / AP)