New Zealand Reaffirms Support for Anti-Israel UN Security Council Resolution

UN Human Rights Council

The Times of Israel reports: A day after officials in Jerusalem said Israel and New Zealand agreed to end their diplomatic spat surrounding Wellington’s co-sponsoring of an anti-settlements resolution at the United Nations, the country’s leader rejected any suggestion that patching the rift equaled pulling support for the measure.

In a statement to the media Tuesday, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English had sent a letter expressing regret over the harm the resolution had caused to ties between the countries. On Wednesday, English said Wellington did not regret co-sponsoring UN Security Council resolution 2334 and still opposed Israeli settlement building in the West Bank.

“The resolution expressed longstanding and international policy and we stand by those positions,” English told reporters, according to the New Zealand Herald. “Whether we agree with a country or don’t disagree with them, we certainly prefer to have diplomatic connection and it’s good that Israel has seen fit to restore their post in New Zealand.”

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