Arab Intel Source: U.S., Russia Discussing Israeli Concerns About Syrian Ceasefire

TOPSHOT - Syrian children play in a government-held area of Aleppo on December 16, 2016. Russia announced it was negotiating with the Syrian opposition and seeking a nationwide ceasefire, as the evacuation of civilians and fighters from the last rebel-held parts of Aleppo entered a second day. The Syrian Observatory …

Israel, the United States and Russia continue to discuss Israeli reservations regarding the ceasefire agreement in southern Syria agreed upon by Jordan, Russia and the U.S., an Arab intelligence source told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Russia and the U.S., with cooperation from Jordan, announced a ceasefire two weeks ago in southern Syria. The area allotted for the ceasefire was declared a “de-escalation” zone in which all sides were committed to end the fighting.

Immediately upon the announcement from the three nations, Israeli security officials expressed reservations over the agreement and claimed that it gives Iran and its allies freedom of action and allows Tehran to consolidate power in the triangular border zone between Jordan, Syria and Israel.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu himself expressed concern that the agreement would not hold and that Iran would exploit it to strengthen its grip on the border region.

The Arab intelligence source said that since the agreement, Israel, Russia and the U.S. have continued to discuss Israeli concerns. The source said that a high-level security meeting is expected to be held between the countries in the coming days in order to discuss guarantees to prevent Iran from moving closer to the Israeli border area.

According to the source, among the possibilities being considered is the prospect of creating a buffer zone guarded by international forces.

The source also said that the U.S. and Russia are considering the possibility of expanding the ceasefire to other areas utilizing the same model as southern Syria.

“The American goal is to stop all fighting that only increases Iran’s grip in Syria and the Russians have adopted the American line,” he said. “The Americans have convinced the Russians – and also the Syrians understand – that any continuation of military conflict in the country only increases Syria’s dependence on Iran and only strengthens Iranian influence on the decision-making of the Syrian regime. There is one clear line in the American effort – and they’ve also harnessed the Russians to this end – and that is weakening Iran.”

The source noted that the next phase will be to ensure that the route by which weapons flow from Iran to Syria and then to Lebanon will be under the supervision of the superpower.


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