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Arab Social Media Spawns Anti-Semitic Conspiracies Over Israeli Embassy Shooting

AP/Kamran Jebreili

TEL AVIV — Social media users across the Arab world have taken to Twitter to express their anger and advocate anti-Semitic conspiracies regarding an agreement between Israel and Jordan that ended a crisis surrounding the recent shooting at the Israeli embassy in Jordan where an Israeli security guard shot and killed a Jordanian civilian in self-defense while the Jordanian was reportedly stabbing him.

Another Jordanian who was nearby was also shot in the incident and later died of his wounds.

In the wake of the agreement between the two sides, the Israeli security guard and the entire Amman embassy staff returned home yesterday.

While many Jordanian public figures avoided addressing the agreement, perhaps to steer clear of Jordanian authorities, many social media users addressed the issue extensively and most expressed anger.

Jordanian Taq Zoubi addressed Jordan’s relations with Israel, writing, “The very presence of the embassy in Jordan is a huge embarrassment! So how is it that the embassy is here to murder the sons of the homeland! Not only Palestine is occupied!!!”

Qatari Twitter user Abou Mashaal expressed an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, writing, “Everyone should understand now that those controlling the Arabs and the Muslims are Zionists. How does Jordan give up those who murdered its people in cold blood and transfer them to the enemy?”

Muhammed al-Hassan from the Palestinian Authority wrote, “Oh shame, oh shame, Jordan has been sold for dollars.”

Yousef Grib criticized the authorities in Jordan, writing, “Mercenaries, shame that Jordan allowed them (the embassy staff) to leave. They should have been arrested.”

A female Twitter user from Qatar, Shosho al-Ujeimi wrote, “Allah’s curse upon you. I am shocked by the response of the Jordanian government. How can they let a murderer go without any investigation?”

Social media user Rifi also criticized Jordan, writing, “Where are the respected ones? The people of pride, where is your king who sold his land, sold his homeland? How did he sell his people for cheap? Ugh, for the King of Jordan who sold his religion and his pride.”

A Jordanian wrote sarcastically, “The punishment in Jordan for the murder of Jordanians by a Zionist is an investigation of 30 seconds and then his return in honor to his country!!!”

Palestinian social media user Gharib compared the incident to the execution of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh, who was killed by the Islamic State after being captured by the group. He wrote, “When they killed Kasasbeh, entire villages were set on fire (by the Jordanian air force). But he who murders two Jordanians returns to his country. Sometimes my brain doesn’t understand. But Jordan will continue to be in the heart of every Palestinian.”

Tareq Ziad wrote, “Last night, Monday July 24, 2017 is the day of the fall of the honor of every Jordanian living in his homeland. This is proof of how cheap the blood of a Jordanian citizen is.”

A Jordanian named Mohammed wrote, “Where is our government? Look how all the Arabs mock us. One of them wrote, ‘no big deal, I’ll go to Jordan, murder a Jordanian citizen and come back the same day.’ You’ve turned us into a joke…”

The Palestinian Mohammed Hamoude compared the Israeli security guard in Jordan to the Israeli soldiers being held in Gaza (though Israel says they are the dead bodies of soldiers), and wrote sarcastically, “The soldiers Shaul Oron and Hadar Goldin being held in Gaza called their parents and cried. The two said if only we had fallen captive in Jordan.”

Another Twitter user named Amin criticized the Jordanian king, writing, “If I were the king of Jordan I would give Israel the body of the Jordanian martyr in addition to the murderer so that relations with the Zionists would be the best.”



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