‘Thuggery’: Labour Branded the ‘Nasty Party’ After Activists Attack Israel Supporters


Labour has been branded the “new nasty party” after the stain of anti-Semitism that has long dogged the party re-emerged at its annual conference in Brighton.

Andrew Percy, a former Tory minister, told the Daily Mail he feared for Labour and its inability to address the many accusations that the party is a haven for anti-Semites. He argued that the cult of personality developing around Jeremy Corbyn was insulating him from any and all criticism: “What we are seeing is really dangerous.

“The kind of anti-Semitic abuse we are seeing is also something that has not been part of our political system until the past couple of years,” Mr. Percy said.  “There is a cult of personality around Jeremy Corbyn that will not allow any questioning of him or his views.

“It is deeply sinister, nasty and quite frightening. These people are genuinely extreme.”

Critics point to the fact that the BBC’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg has been assigned a security detail for the duration of the party conference as further evidence of the nastiness manifest in the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn. Kuenssberg has received a “stream” of abuse and personal threats from online supporters of Corbyn since she challenged him in an interview.

As Breitbart Jerusalem reported, the conference was barely 48-hours old before a string of verbal attacks were launched on Jews, Israel and those that support the Jewish state.

In response,  Labour party member Frances Barber announced that she was ripping up her membership.

She tweeted: “I can’t belong to a party full of misogyny, anti-semitism and thuggery. Deeply sad.”

Meanwhile Ken Livingstone, the former Mayor of London, cannot see what all the fuss is about.

“Some people have made offensive comments, it doesn’t mean they’re inherently anti-Semitic and hate Jews. They just go over the top when they criticise Israel,” he said on morning radio.

“The people criticising Israeli government policy aren’t criticising people who are Jewish in Britain.

“They’re criticising a government like Jeremy Corbyn criticises Saudi Arabia for its abuse of many of its peoples.”

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