‘Nasty Party’: Labour Faces Brighton Conference Ban over Anti-Semitism, Racism

UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been challenged to “explain why you defend the world’s oldest hatred”, in a debate on anti-Semitism in parliament.
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The Labour Party could be banned from holding future conferences in Brighton due to the overt displays of anti-Semitism, Zionist conspiracy theories and racism displayed by attendees, according to a local Labour councillor.

Warren Morgan, of Brighton and Hove Council, has written to Labour Party general secretary Iain McNicol and complained about “the anti-Semitism being aired publicly in fringe meetings and on the floor of conference.”

As the Labour leader of Brighton and Hove City Council, I will undoubtedly face questions as to why we allow any event where anti-Semitic views are freely expressed to happen in the city, particularly on council premises.

As a Labour Party member, I expect the inquiry announced today to take firm action; as leader I will need reassurances that there will be no repeat of the behaviour and actions we have seen this week before any further bookings from the party are taken.

His warning came at the same time Ken Livingstone, the former Labour mayor of London, told TalkRadio: “Some people have made offensive comments. It doesn’t mean they’re inherently anti-Semitic and hate Jews. They just go over the top when they criticise Israel.”

Mr. Morgan repeated his accusations on twitter:

As Breitbart Jerusalem reported, the current Labour conference has been marred by claims of vile anti-Semitic content both on the conference floor and at side events.

On the second day alone an activist called for Holocaust denial to be covered by free speech guarantees as another demanded Jewish and pro-Israel groups be expelled from the party before calling Israel supporters “Nazis.”

The chair of the Jewish Labour Movement said Jeremy Corbyn should be “acutely embarrassed” by the row engulfing Labour, while the party was told to “do more to establish that it is not a racist party” by Britain’s equality watchdog.

Party members backed a move to toughen Labour’s regulations on “incidents involving racism, anti-Semitism, Islamophobia or otherwise racist language, sentiments, stereotypes or actions” in a conference vote on Tuesday.

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