Arab Pundits Voice Opposition to Declaring Jerusalem the Capital of Israel

temple mount jerusalem
AP/Oded Balilty

TEL AVIV — Palestinian and Arab activists on social media have been spreading the hashtag “#jerusalem_capital_of_palestine” in response to repeated reports in Israeli media that U.S. President Donald Trump has returned to considering the relocation of the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and intends to declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel in a speech on Wednesday.

Some used conspiracy theories in an attempt to connect the reports of Trump’s plan to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel with separate reports in the U.S. that Trump’s former adviser, Michael Flynn, has talked about being in contact with Russia on policy issues following the U.S. presidential elections.

“#jerusalem_capital_of_palestine until judgement day,” tweeted prominent Syrian journalist Moussa al-Omar, who has connections to Syrian opposition groups and hundreds of thousands of followers.

“#jerusalem_capital_of_palestine as long as the land and everything on it is the property of Allah,” wrote Saudi activist Mohammad al-Harbi.

“Plan whatever you’d like, we’ve planned for #jerusalem_capital_of_palestine and before we die we’ll pass this on to our children,” wrote Kuwaiti political activist Mishari al-Hamad.

“#jerusalem_capital_of_palestine and it will continue to be our first priority despite the anger of those for normalization,” wrote a Kuwaiti jurist called Dawih al-Ajamy. “Jerusalem is ours, Palestine is ours and every centimeter of that land … is ours.”

“The announcement from the White House today that Trump will transfer the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem next week is a gas explosion meant to cover Michael Flynn’s admission of guilt and his cooperation with investigators in the scandal of Russian involvement in elections,” claimed Egyptian jurist and President of IBC News, Dr. Mahmoud Refaat.

He followed up with another tweet, writing, “Even though many voices in the West, even those of Jews, are against Trump’s decision to move the U.S. embassy in Israel, because UNESCO, the UN and the European Union consider Israel’s presence in Jerusalem as an occupation, the Arab capitals continue their silence and don’t say a word. They are waiting to be slaughtered.”

“Jerusalem isn’t the capital of Palestine,” wrote Munir al-Tunisi, an Islamic activist and Tunisian academic. “Jerusalem is the capital of the Islamic caliphate as our Prophet commanded, may peace be upon him.”

“The one clear truth, #jerusalem_capital_of_palestine, no matter what the aggressive, Zionist Jews think,” posted Saudi cleric Abdullah al-Dahiri.

“#jerusalem_capital_of_palestine, no, we swear to Allah, Jerusalem is the capital of the Muslims,” wrote Hamas-affiliated Palestinian media figure Adham Abou Salmieh. “She is the diamond in the crown and she is the goal of all free men and revolutionaries.”

“#jerusalem_capital_of_jerusalem forever,” wrote Sudanese Al Jazeera journalist Othman Ayfarah.

“Jerusalem is ours and will continue to be so,” posted Tunisian journalist Wajd Abou Abdullah. “Who is Trump anyway? Trump is a harrassing idiot who became president and probably won’t complete his term. This is the guy who wants to hurt Jerusalem?”

“To the chagrin of all the Arab Zionists and supporters of normalization, #jerusalem_capital_of_palestine and Jerusalem is ours,” wrote Palestinian journalist Ali Siam.

“What do we need to do?” questioned Hamas’ appointed international relations chief Bassem Naim. “Trump is trying to bribe the Zionist lobby by recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal and unified capital of the (Zionist) entity after the noose has begun tightening around his neck and his adviser Michael Flynn admitted he was in contact with the Russians on Trump’s orders during the election campaign.”


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