White House: Trump May Exit Iran Deal If It’s Not Changed

If President-elect Donald Trump made good on his threat to tear up the Iran nuclear deal, the US would face serious international fallout
AFP/Jim Watson

The Times of Israel reports: WASHINGTON — If Congress and America’s European allies are unable to amend the Iran nuclear deal, US President Donald Trump is prepared to “potentially” walk away from it, the White House said on Monday.

That language was softer than Trump’s own speech in January, when he waived sanctions against Tehran, as required under the accord, but stated explicitly that if an agreement to fix what he deems the pact’s flaws was not reached, he would “withdraw from the deal immediately.”

Asked whether he could confirm reports that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told French and German diplomats on Monday that Trump will leave the deal if three parts of the deal are not modified, Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah told reporters, “If changes aren’t made, the president is prepared to potentially withdraw from the agreement.”

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