EXCLUSIVE – NY Senatorial Candidate Chele Farley: Supporters of Iran Deal ‘Should Be Held Accountable’

Chele Farley praying at the Western Wall yesterday Credit Courtesy

JERUSALEM — President Donald Trump should bolt the nuclear agreement with Iran and lawmakers who supported the deal “should be held accountable,” stated New York Republican Senatorial Candidate Chele Farley.

“I think the Iranian nuclear deal never should have been signed,” Farley told Breitbart News in an interview here in Jerusalem. “It simply allows Iran in the relatively near future to have nuclear weapons, which are not only pointed at Israel they are also pointed at New York.”

“I just came from the Yad Vashem Memorial Museum and ‘Never Again’ is now,” said Farley, who is touring Israel ahead of the transfer of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem next week. “I don’t think he (Trump) should recertify the deal.”

Farley contended that anyone who supported the Iran nuclear deal “should be held accountable.”

Notably, her opponent, Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY), voted for the deal while calling it “imperfect.”

“I think what [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu has proven is that it was signed under false pretenses,” Farley said of the nuclear agreement. “So I think we need to look at this and come up with something that will make the entire world a safer place.”

During an address last week, Netanyahu unveiled a cache of secret files he says were obtained from inside a hidden Iranian site and clearly demonstrate that Tehran maintained a secret nuclear weapons program despite declarations to the contrary.

Netanyahu explained that the structure of the U.S.-led international nuclear agreement was in part based on deceptive Iranian descriptions of its previous nuclear work. He said Iran’s failure to disclose its secret program while misleading the world shows the nuclear deal is “based on lies based on Iranian deception.”

The Israeli leader presented evidence that Iran continued research for a nuclear weapons program even after signing the 2015 nuclear deal.

Farley, meanwhile, lambasted Gillibrand for taking positions aimed at “counter[ing] the president rather than doing what is in the best interests of her constituents and the people of New York.”

Continued Farley: “She voted against more nominees than any other Senator. She was the only Senator to vote against General Mattis as Secretary of Defense. And why? Because she is trying to make a political statement and she is really running for president rather than representing the people of New York. I am running to be New York Senator. I am not running to be president.”

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