LISTEN – Klein: UN, EU Want Israel to Be Overrun by Terrorists?

Protesters, one waving a Palestinian flag, chant slogans during a demonstration near Israel's consulate in Istanbul, Tuesday, May 15, 2018. Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in in Istanbul to protest the U.S.' decision to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem and to condemn the death of dozens of Palestinians killed Monday by …
AP/Emrah Gurel

TEL AVIV — Breitbart Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein joined SiriusXM host Alex Marlow for a Breitbart News Daily interview in which Klein strongly criticized the United Nations and the European Union for failing to support Israel in its defense against Hamas-organized violent rioters attempting to breach the Jewish state’s borders and murder Israelis.

Stated Klein: “What does the United Nations want Israel to do here? What do the European countries want Israel to do? When you have tens of thousands of Palestinians mixed in with terrorists assaulting the border. Should Israel just lay down and let the terrorist in and also Palestinian protesters? Does the world not understand that if you go to where this is happening on the Gaza border, about 1.2 miles away are Israeli communities? Those communities would be overrun. The Israelis would be massacred if they allowed this to take place.”

Listen to the full segment:

Klein continued, “Anybody can look at the videos. You can look at pictures put out by Hamas itself. Calls by Hamas itself for the Gazans to storm the Israeli border. Breach the Israeli border. Shoot Israeli troops. Murder Jews. Storm into Israeli cities, which is openly and outwardly the actual point of these riots. Take over Israeli cities for even a short period of time and then kill Israelis. Kill Jews.”

The U.S. on Monday blocked a United Nations Security Council statement seeking an independent investigation into Hamas’s claims of 58 Gazans killed during violent border riots that day.

Germany, the United Kingdom and Belgium each expressed support for an independent probe, while the EU itself put out a statement calling on both sides to “act with utmost restraint to avoid further loss of life.”

Media outlets around the world cited the “Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza” as claiming that 58 Palestinians were killed in Monday’s riots. Many outlets failed to report that the ministry is controlled by the Hamas terrorist group that organized the riots and has a vested interest in inflating casualty numbers. Hamas has a history of exaggerating such claims.

A closer look at Monday’s casualties betrays the violent nature of the riots. Three Gazans were shot while trying to plant explosive devices at the border fence, while others were killed attempting to open fire on Israeli soldiers, the IDF said. Israel has already identified a total of 24 as members of Gazan terrorist groups.


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