Netanyahu: Haley ‘Exposed the Hypocrisy’ of UN Bias Against Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures as he delivers a speech during the Israel Presidential Conference in Jerusalem on June 20, 2013. Europe must take a firmer line with Iran over its controversial nuclear programme, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the start of a working meeting with EU …

The Jerusalem Post reports: Even before the U.N. passed a General Assembly condemning Israel for “excessive use of force” in Gaza, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised US ambassador Nikki Haley for Wednesday night her spirited defense of Israel in the U.N. and her efforts to get an amendment to the resolution added that would condemn Hamas violence.

“Israel appreciates the firm support of the Trump administration in Israel at the United Nations and Ambassador Haley’s resolute statement today, which exposed the hypocrisy of the bias against Israel at the U.N.,” he said in a statement.

The U.N. resolution condemning Israel passed by a vote of 120-8, with 45 abstentions. Haley’s amendment also passed by a simple majority of 62-58, with 42 abstentions, but because of a procedural ruling that a two-third majority was needed, that amendment was not adopted.

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