Iranian Official: U.S., Israel, Saudis in ‘Satanic Triangle’ Attempting to Weaken Iran

A group of protesters chant slogans at the old grand bazaar in Tehran, Iran, Monday, June 25, 2018. Protesters in the Iranian capital swarmed its historic Grand Bazaar on Monday, news agencies reported, and forced shopkeepers to close their stalls in apparent anger over the Islamic Republic's troubled economy, months …
Iranian Labor News Agency via AP

The Algemeiner reports: A top Iranian official has accused Israel of being part of an international conspiracy behind the recent wave of anti-regime protests that rocked Tehran in recent days.

According to Yediot Ahronot, a former commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), General Yahya Rahim-Safavi, who currently serves as a senior adviser to Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, claimed that a “satanic triangle” made up of Israel, the US, and Saudi Arabia was seeking to weaken Iran.

Rahim-Safawi added, “We must neutralize the plans of the enemy to carry out economic warfare and psychological actions against us.” Khamenei also commented on the demonstrations on Wednesday, making a thinly veiled threat to crack down on the protesters.

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