Scottish Politician Claims Three UK Jewish Newspapers Work for Mossad

The UK's three main Jewish newspapers have joined as one to publish the same front page, damning Jeremy Corbyn and the left-wing Labour Party as posing an  "existential threat to Jewish life."

A member of the Scottish Labour Party has accused the UK’s three main Jewish newspapers of being agents in the pay of Mossad, the Israeli secret security agency.

The astonishing claim follows last Wednesday’s decision by the independent outlets to publish a joint warning that anti-Semitism had eroded Labour and posed an “existential” threat to British Jewry.

“If the purpose is to generate opposition to anti-Semitism, it has backfired spectacularly. (I)f it is to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader, it is unlikely to succeed, and is a shameless piece of cynical opportunism.

“And if it is a Mossad assisted campaign to prevent the election of a Labour Government pledged to recognise Palestine as a State, it is unacceptable interference in the democracy of Britain,” Labour Councillor Mary Bain Lockhart wrote on Facebook.

Lockhart’s untested assertion against the Jewish ChronicleJewish News and Jewish Telegraph comes amid growing anger over Labour’s watered-down anti-Semitism code and its repeated inability to confront the anti-Semites and racists who find safe haven in its ranks.

Not everyone is as convinced as Lockhart, however, that dark practices by one of the most feared intelligence agencies in the world are working against UK Labour in general and democracy in particular.

Scottish politician Paul Masterson of the Conservatives told the Courier: “For a Scottish Labour councillor to claim that Britain’s leading Jewish newspapers, and by extension the British Jews who work for them, are acting as agents for the Israeli secret service to keep Jeremy Corbyn out of Number 10 is ignorant, offensive and horrifying.”

Mr. Masteron said Lockhart’s remarks “are anti-Semitic and demonstrate that she is unfit to hold public office.”

This is not the first time Mossad has been accused of bringing malign forces to bear in the UK.

Prominent British Muslim activist Asghar Bukhari in 2015 came under fire for accusing Mossad “Zionist” spies of a psychological conspiracy against Muslims – including breaking into his house and stealing one of his shoes.

The reaction to the alleged footwear conspiracy from other internet users was not as supportive as Bukhari would have hoped:

Mocking the victim of the Zionist conspiracy yet further still,  there was a petition “demanding the immediate and safe return of Asghar Bukharis sandal held hostage by the agents of the Zionist State, the Mossad.”

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