Watch – Aaron Klein: Arab Nations Want to Normalize Ties with Israel

Sunni Arab nations want closer ties with Israel and “it is actually the Palestinian Authority that is standing in their way,” contended Breitbart Jerusalem chief Aaron Klein.

Klein further predicted that Arab nations will move closer to normalization with Israel following the release of the White House Mideast peace plan and the Palestinians’ widely expected rejection of the offer.

Klein made the comments during a panel discussion on Israel’s i24NEWS.

Speaking to the channel’s Spin Room program, hosted by Ami Kaufman, Klein stated:

Very clearly the Arab countries understand that number one the greatest threat to their own survival is Iran and they need Israel in order to conquer the Shiite axis that Iran is trying to build. And second I think that the Arab countries are also a very frustrated that Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority is simply not even jumpstarting negotiations. The Arab countries have made clear they want to normalize ties with Israel and it is actually the Palestinian Authority that is standing in their way.  So, I think that you are going to see after the Palestinians reject the Trump peace plan I think you are going to see the Arabs get closer to normalization.

Klein was reacting to comments from Ron Dermer, Israel’s ambassador to Washington, who was quoted discussing “new” behavior by Arab countries in their approach to Israel.

“What is new is the behavior of many Arab states,” Dermer was quoted telling a delegation that included members of the White House Mideast peace team. “They are no longer reflexively dancing to the Palestinians’ tune.”

“Despite the best efforts of Palestinian leaders to whip up opposition to President Trump’s Jerusalem decision, the response in the Arab world was mostly silence,” he said. “And that silence should give us real hope for the future – the hope that after 70 years of demonizing Israel, some Arab states may finally be ready to turn the page.”


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