Ex-Racial Equalities Chief Brands Jeremy Corbyn ‘an anti-Semite and a Racist’

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Britain's Labour Party, listens to speakers during the Party of European Socialists Council in Lisbon, Saturday, Dec. 2 2017. (AP Photo/Armando Franca)
AP/Armando Franca

Jeremy Corbyn is “an anti-Semite and a racist” who is killing the UK Labour Party by surrounding himself with like-minded followers, according to former racial equalities chief Trevor Phillips.

The former head of the anti-discrimination watchdog said he did not believe hard-left Mr. Corbyn’s claims that he is not biased against Jews. Mr. Phillips told The Mail on Sunday:

If he [Corbyn] were to step down tomorrow or be hit by a bus, don’t forget there are people around him who are important in the party, who supported him…

There are literally tens of thousands of activists who defend the behaviour that we have all been seeing from the leadership.

Mr. Phillips is the former head of the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, which promotes equal rights and enforces anti-discrimination policies in Britain. He said he had known Mr. Corbyn for 40 years and had no personal “animus” against him, but that did not rule out his harshest criticism of the party or its leader.

He continued, “It doesn’t help that one of our great parties, the one I belong to, is led by anti-Semites and racists” before accusing Mr. Corbyn and his accolytes of  wanting to eliminate anyone who disagrees with them.

Asked by the Mail if Mr. Corbyn was included in his “anti-Semites” attack, he replied: “Yes – I think Jeremy Corbyn’s views have been pretty well ventilated and exposed.”

Mr. Phillips, 64  pointed to the revelation that, in 2013, Mr. Corbyn had said a group of British Zionists did not have an English sense of irony. He warned: “Prior to that, it was always possible for Jeremy Corbyn to say it’s nothing to do with me. With that, he put himself in that group.”

He further added anyone claiming the long-running anti-Semitism row engulfing the party would leave Labour unscathed at the ballot box was “an idiot.”  “It’s killing our party. British people are not bigots, they are not racists.

“They don’t like bigots, they don’t like racists.”

A Labour spokesman dismissed Mr Phillips’s claims, saying: “Jeremy Corbyn and the party leadership are life-long anti-racists who are determined to tackle anti-Semitism both within the Labour party and in wider society.”

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